Cascadia have been involved in many successful project implementations ranging from small one month projects to very large multi year projects. Here we showcase a few of our current and more recent projects. Our portfolio illustrates the depth of our skill and the breadth of our experience.

Nexus Touch Screen Comparator

Nexus Technologies produces audio visual comparator equipment, which is an electrical switching system that facilitates the audible and visual comparison of multiple pieces of Hi-Fi and AV equipment instantly. This allows prospective buyers of this equipment to instantly compare many different products.

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The Bayside Group of companies is an organisation that provides permanent, contract and temporary recruitment services, both nationally and internationally. The group is made up of a number of companies including Austra Health, Bayside Personnel, Baytech, Bridge Consulting, Cozwine, Bayside Drafting and Techstaff.

Due to the rapid growth Bayside experienced as well as the disparate systems in use by the different companies Bayside had acquired, Cascadia was asked to develop a new management system that would be used by all companies within the group

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The Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) is responsible for inspecting and maintaining a large and diverse road network in country Victoria. It had become difficult, time consuming and costly to manage the network using there old system, which consisted of a number of electronic and paper based spreadsheets and documents.

To improve the management process the DSE identified a need for a new computerized system that would consolidate the data into a single system, which would provide timely, accurate, and useful information to the users of the system.

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