Our broad service offerings cover the following areas:

Rich Client Applications

Rich client applications are developed to run on the Windows platform.

Rich Application Example They make full use of all the functionality and richness that the Windows operating system provides. This includes the extensive use of menus, toolbars, tab pages, splitters, grids and so on.

These applications are developed using Cascadia’s MultiTier technology which comprises three layers that include the Database layer, Application Server layer and the Client Application layer.

These applications use TCP/IP as the communications layer allowing the Internet to be used as the communications infrastructure. This has great benefits for those organisations that may have remote offices or people working from home. All that is required to get a user connected to the central database is a PC and an Internet connection.

Web Applications

Web applications are developed to run in a Web browser such as Microsoft

[Simple Popup Images unable to add image: missing parameters.] Internet Explorer. Custom web applications development using a database driven web site is a powerful way to serve dynamic content to customers, business partners and employees.

These applications can be accessed from anywhere in the world as long as there is access to the Internet. No special software other than the browser is required to be installed on the client computer. The system will run on machines running a wide variety of operating systems including Windows, Linux, Apple Mac, mobile devices and so on.

Content Management Solutions

The growing importance of web-driven operations requires small to medium-sized businesses to update their web sites rapidly, while controlling maintenance costs. Responding to this need, Cascadia has developed a number of content management components offering a simple, affordable way for users of all skill levels to update their organization’s web site.