About Us


Cascadia is a software development company founded in early 1994. We design and develop high quality specialised software systems that suit our customer’s individual needs. Our software and services have been utilised by a number of diverse companies and organisations, and we have developed systems that have been put to use in everything from the desktop to the enterprise to mobile devices to the Internet.


At Cascadia our mission is simple; we aim to provide high quality software and services that exceeds our Client’s expectations.


The software Cascadia develops is of the highest quality and has been proven to be reliable and easy to use. We achieve this by following the Agile development methodology that values integrity, open communication, and relentless dedication to customer satisfaction.

Short Cycle Iterations

Releases every one or two weeks are common. The Agile way is to quickly create a small working system and then to continue to build on it. This allows the customer the opportunity for early, concrete and regular feedback. The risk of a non-working system that fails the customer’s needs at any point in the project is eliminated.

Continuous Planning

This allows some flexibility in the functionality of the system in response to changing business needs. Through the short cycle iterations and continuous planning, together with the customer, we take advantage of new information to seize business opportunities. Rather than freezing the functionality to specification, it allows us to make adjustments throughout the process.


Some key benefits of using the Agile approach

  • Faster ROI through frequent releases of business functionality
  • Continuous customer feedback reduces risks
  • Improved control over the project
  • Ability to quickly adapt functionality to changing business needs.
  • Higher quality 


At Cascadia we try to treat our clients as we would like to be treated, so customer service is our top priority. Following this simple philosophy has allowed us to build good long standing relationships with our customers, a relationship based on a mutual trust and respect for one another.