The Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) is responsible for inspecting and maintaining a large and diverse road network in country Victoria. It had become difficult, time consuming and costly to manage the network using there old system, which consisted of a number of electronic and paper based spreadsheets and documents.


To improve the management process the DSE identified a need for a new computerized system that would consolidate the data into a single system, which would provide timely, accurate, and useful information to the users of the system.

The DSE approached Cascadia to develop this system and the ‘Road Asset Management System’ (RAMS) was born. The new system allows users to manage, schedule, track and report on inspection and maintenance works for road assets managed by the DSE.

The system comprises two modules the Inspection module and the Maintenance module. The Inspection module allows the users to plan inspections of road assets to meet the requirements of the Road Asset Management Act. Inspection schedules can be generated and given to Inspectors; the results can be collected manually or via a mobile device running (RAMSMobile) and uploaded into the system at the end of each day. Reports can be generated to show that inspections are being carried out in accordance with the Act’s requirements.

Defects found as a result of the inspections or from ad-hoc reports can be scheduled for repair using the Maintenance module. Work orders can be created to manage the task of repairing these defects. RAMS will store the location of the defects, generate the required procedures that need to be followed for each type of defect, and track costs associated with repair.

Some if the key features of the system are:

  • Central database accessible from anywhere an Internet connection is available
  • Utilizes Cascadia’s MultiTier technology
  • Full user administration system, includes the ability to create users, profiles, and the ability to define access permissions at the function level
  • Produces a range of reports
  • Integrated diary that can be used for personal as well as work appointments. Automated diary entry generation for important event such as work order related entries/reminders.